Bike USA Stabilizer Wheel Kit
Bike USA Stabilizer Wheel KitBike USA Stabilizer Wheel KitBike USA Stabilizer Wheel KitBike USA Stabilizer Wheel Kit

Bike USA Stabilizer Wheel Kit


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With the Heavy Duty Adult Bicycle Stabilizer Wheels, there’s one less reason that you can’t enjoy a bit of the outdoors. This easy-to-attach system of stabilizer wheels is the perfect way for anyone with balance issues to take their favorite bike out on the road. Designed to fit standard bike frames from 24 to 27 inches, this steel frame attaches to any multiple-gear bike and features a pair of tube-inflatable Kendra tires on steel frames and hubs. The installation takes minutes, and a series of plastic-coated bolts and spacers get the fit just right while not marring or scratching your favorite bike. When attached, they system fits easily through standard doors, so you can get from the indoors to the outdoors and back without any fuss. About Bike USA Inc Bike USA Inc was founded in Pennsylvania in 1995 and is working hard to cook up generous portions of excitement, dependability, value and fun in their bicycles and other sports products. Their new-product team devotes months to dialing in the specs on the hills surrounding our Pennsylvania facility, and their efforts result in the best that modern mountain bicycles are all about; no hype, no nonsense and no untested, over-the-edge technology, just the finest bike values available today. They’ve also designed a full line of skateboards, safety products and bike accessories that put them right at the front of an active market that demands appealing styles that are both durable and safe. From their warehouse in northeast Pennsylvania, they serve a worldwide market that is looking for new and better ways to spend their free time outdoors. Add-on wheel system that adds balance and stability. Heavy duty steel frame with matte black finish. 16-inch alloy wheels with inflatable Kendra tires and tubes. Supports over 350 lbs.. Fits easily through a standard doorway. Fits most standard 24- to 47-inch adult bike frames. Perfect for any bike rider with balance issues.


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