Mickey Mouse Blue Eye Basic Pop'n Cargo Tricycle
Mickey Mouse Blue Eye Basic Pop'n Cargo Tricycle

Mickey Mouse Blue Eye Basic Pop’n Cargo Tricycle


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[Product specifications] Size: W450 x L835 x H940mm Appropriate age: 1.5 years to 5 years Height aim outstretched push rod up, sunshade attached : height of the handle from the ground 31cm : Height to saddle from 8kg following Ground: after basket weight limit up to 20kg: riding weight to 80cm ~ 100cm: A 49cm Main Material: PP, PVC, ABS, steel Battery: battery for tests (single 3 x 2 book) comes A production country: China

! orthodox school can also folding sunshade. I will protect the child from strong sunlight cut UV99%. attachment to tricycle, removal is simple! Lowering the lever in the form of pop-up buzzer hand, it pops out Mickey while rotates with the light and sound effects. When you operate the switch of behind, Mickey will be talking melody or flow. You can crisp play to rotate the big gear lever of before. You can play in the direction back and forth like a body pod of barrel is rotated. 2L plastic bottle will contain four to the basket and petit bag outer bag big . …


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