YBike Pewi Kids Balance Bike
YBike Pewi Kids Balance Bike

YBike Pewi Kids Balance Bike


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Meet the latest in stylish yet functional toys for kids as young as 9 months old! Little ones enjoy many fun-filled hours as they walk, swing and glide with the latest stylish bike adaptation – YBIKE Pewi. Following on the multi Award-winning YBIKE Original, this new ride-on and walking-buddy teaches important motor skills such as balance, co-ordination and body in space awareness! Quality features such as aluminium tubing, injection moulded parts and specially designed swivel castor wheels ensures a quiet smooth ride that is suitable for indoor and outdoor play. Learning is FUN with YBIKE Pewi! ï¾  Whats the idea? Studies conducted at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa showed that children who used YBIKE over a 2 week period showed up to 700% improvement in some cases in various tests of their balance and co-ordination skills. Incredible! Apart from a really cool and appealing design YBIKE has been very cleverly engineered to help with a child ;s overall Motor Skills / Balance Skill development. It has just enough stability and at the same time instability that will teach children from 2 – 4 years old to learn balance. See video for explanation. The idea is that it will tilt over a little bit, so that the child is encouraged to learn balance.If used enough there is a good chance that your child can progress to a normal bicycle at the age of 3 or 4 without having to use training wheels / stabilizers.Award winnerYBIKE is new and so far has only entered in a few awards, but it is important to highlight the ones it has won!SABS design award is a design award that is awarded against all products in the market – not just toys!.


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